High volume of turnover is always good news for a company. However, its management must be efficient and error free so as not to impede the running of the business. From Seidor, we can help you accelerate this process by using the e-billing solution for SAP systems, a tool that allows you to manage invoices efficiently and in an integrated manner. Forget about paper, eliminate the manual processes that require many resources, increase your productivity and make savings on costs and space by issuing and receiving invoices in Facturae or PDF format using a secure process via the use of digital certificates and signatures to guarantee the authenticity, integrity and non-rejection of the documents.

This electronic system will allow you to securely store all the invoices, improve communication with customers, and reduce costs in the generation, printing and sending of invoices generated by the sales and finance departments, thereby ensuring compliance with the legal requirements on invoicing.  Our solution supports the new legislation defined in the law  for the Promotion of Electronic Invoicing and the Creation of an Accounting Register of Invoices in the Public Sector (Official State Gazette - Law 25/2013, of 27 December).



The solution for electronic invoicing developed by Seidor for SAP ERP facilitates the integrated management of the issue and receipt of invoices in PDF and Facturae format, the functional equivalent of a paper invoice. It can be fully integrated with the traditional management systems and includes an external signature motor in accordance with security directives.


  • Reduce costs: save on paper, postage costs and trips
  • Accelerate the procedure: process and send your invoice in minutes
  • Space savings: dispose of the mountains of paper and files full of paper
  • Secure procedure: trust in the digital certificates and signatures that guarantee the authenticity of the documents. 

Value Proposition

  • Maintain the legal value of paper invoices but with more complete security measures
  • Manage and monitor the whole process using your SAP systems
  • Reach new levels of productivity and profitability by eliminating paper. 


  • Industry
  • Consultancy
  • Foodstuffs
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