For the efficient management of the call center and business communications, you will need a multi-channel communications platform for voice and data based on modern IP technology. SAP BCM (Business Communication Manager) responds to this need flexibly and simply. This solution will bring you even closer to your customers and increases the productivity of your customer management system as it can be operated independently or integrated with the SAP CRM tool and other SAP applications, which guarantees a reliable process combining sales, marketing and customer service.

SAP BCM comes with a wide range of contact channels and provides queue management together with the integration to SAP CRM, as well as intelligent routing based on CRM data and designed according to the availability and abilities of the employees. The above is designed to simplify and improve the quality of the business interactions and increase performance.

Description and benefits

This solution provides all the functionality you need in your business communications: integration of channels (chat, e-mail, absenteeism data, calls, etc.). Supports mobile customers and single sign-on authentication, which facilitates access to the system from any place and at any time.

As a benefits we can mention: 

  • Simplify and improve the quality of business interactions
  • Increase corporate performance
  • Monitor operations and people using a system that combines communications and business metrics, among many others. 

Value Proposition and references 

Some of the key characteristics that make SAP BCM an exceptional multi-channel platform are:

  • Website interface that permits the control of all the contacts and event data, and the customization of the appearance according to the needs of the user
  • Integration with mobile phone text messaging
  • Record of all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Protection of sensitive personal data.
As a reference: 
  • Cecofar
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