A good part of the turnover of your company is certain to come from occasional end customers, therefore it is essential to have a good presence on the web to capture and retain these potential buyers. At Seidor, we can create an ePages e-commerce portal where customers can register, access catalogues and make purchases by adding products to a virtual shopping basket.

An essential aspect of this B2C portal is a connection with the SAP ERP, which eliminates any duplication of master data and rates, as well as accelerates searches and ensures maximum security during transactions. Increase Internet sales to end consumers with a modern store adapted to your corporate style.


Using the ePages tool will smooth the way for your customers so that the purchasing process is easy and satisfactory, allowing them to pay for their acquisitions by credit card using a secure payment gateway. In addition, you will be able to carry out an exhaustive and detailed follow-up of the sales made and control the outstanding orders in a tried and tested environment that guarantees the highest levels of security.


  • Secure access
  • Creation of catalogues, with photographs and maintenance of rates, directly on SAP
  • Search engines on the catalogue
  • Monitoring of orders and creation of standard orders
  • Store adapted to the corporate look and feel.

Value Proposition

ePages will allow you to build a tested, reliable and secure environment in order to relate to and sell to end consumers. In order to make maximum use of the portal, Seidor will:

  • Help you with the parameterization of the menus and order types
  • Train your users in the basic administration of the environment
  • Connect the portal to secure credit card payment systems


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