If your business has an online store, your sales volume will increase considerably and the image of your company will be reinforced, and so will the relationship with your customers Seidor can provide you with the development of an online B2B (Business to Business) store that is fully customised in line with the design of your corporate website. Your customers will be able to download customized catalogues and rates, check orders, manage returns and pay by credit/debit card. What's more, you will have the ability to perform detailed monitoring of the orders in a reliable environment.

The technology we provide is completely secure, given that the communication between your store and the SAP database are not vulnerable. By being completely integrated with SAP and its database, you will enjoy quick and easy handling of the application. Furthermore, you will be able to furnish your store with search engines to help your customers find the product they need, all made to measure with tools that adapt to your specific needs.


Fully integrated with SAP and customized to respond to the specific needs of the company -from a special catalogue to a suggestions box-, this B2B portal will be your best storefront on the web.

With the inclusion of search engines for both the catalogue as well as for the shopping basket or invoices, it offers maximum security with regards to communications and allows the access of new users and the administration of existing ones to be easily handled. It also enables complete management of all the information of the catalogues, such as prices, photographs or product hierarchies from SAP.


  • Secure access and environment
  • Creation of catalogues using SAP, with search engines
  • Creation and modification of orders directly on SAP
  • Monitoring of outstanding orders
  • Option to create standard orders

Value Proposition

Among the services that Seidor provides are the installation and configuration of the portal, and the development and optimisation of the modules according to the specific requirements of the customers. Furthermore, we take charge of the development of new fully customised modules as well as the training of the users of your company in the basic administration of the environment: management of orders, users, catalogue, etc.


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