CRM & Customer Engagement

Nowadays, customers can choose from a myriad of companies and products, not to mention make their purchases online or contract services through a multitude of channels, such as mobile apps or the web. It is no longer enough to provide a good service, it is necessary to improve your relationship with your customers to detect their needs and improve the brand image.

Seidor offers you the best technological tools so that the customer service experience is optimum and the sales processes obtain excellence, giving you the capacity to attract more customers efficiently or sell over the internet with all guarantees.

How can you attract and satisfy the needs of a customer?

At Seidor we provide you with tools for business intelligence and to understand the market, which aid ins making correct and safe decisions, basing your business movements on accurate information and not on mere intuition.

The application covers everything from the central SAP CRM application to the specific solutions for the management of the sales agreements, management of the point of sale and the call centre, the B2B and B2C portals and e-billing.

All of these cover the whole cycle of the relationship between the company and the customer, improving the knowledge of the market trends, buying habits and the performance of the different sales channels.


  • Achieve greater revenues by effectively attracting customers
  • Reduce costs through the automation of interactions
  • Get ahead of the competition: create customer loyalty and retain the best customers
  • Perform sales over the internet to both regular customers and end consumers
  • Shorten the launch time of products due to a greater knowledge of the market

Value Proposition

The products that we propose for the management of the relationships with your customers and sales channels are:

  • Management of sales agreements and incentives
  • B2B portals
  • B2C portals and ePages
  • Point of Sale Terminal POS
  • Call Centre (BCM)
  • E-billing
  • Electronic signature 


  • Foodstuffs
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical-hospital
  • Hotels 
  • Consultancy 
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