People are the key to corporate success

Thus the importance of innovation in human resources (HR), the implementation of a solid management processsoftware that motivates employees, involves them in the objectives of the company and increases its productivity, competitiveness and results. At Seidor we have spent more than ten years setting up SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions because we know that each company has specific needs, which is why we have developed very useful preconfigured tools that increase the capabilities of SAP HCM once the system has been installed and commissioned. based on a complete

Our objective is to make human resources management easier for companies whilst reducing costs through the automation of the processes. Once the SAP HCM tool is operational, you will be able to add two products: myHR@seidor, which facilitates the quick implementation of the personnel and payroll management modules, and Seidor SCS-PY, which out-tasks the payroll onto the Seidor servers, which reduces hardware and updating costs.

In addition, we have partnered up with SuccessFactors. 

SuccessFactors is the global SAP leader in Human Resources and has a new cloud architecture and a great deal of experience in Human Resources software.


Description and benefits

SAP HCM is designed to optimize human resources management. It coordinates the aptitudes, activities and incentives with corporate objectives and strategies, and provides functionalities to manage, measure and reward individual and collective contributions.


  • Attract and retain the best talent and increase the overall productivity of the business
  • Improve the performance indexes of projects by selecting the right people
  • Explotation of payroll with reports configured by the users
  • Efficient management in the distribution of the receipt of salaries (by email, publication on the portal, or traditionally on paper)
  • Simple generation of all documents such as contracts or certificates.

Value proposition and sectors

Seidor has the experience, the consultants and the most appropriate methodology to fully exploit all the advantages of SAP HCM:

  • Optimization and costs control.
  • Guarantee of investment and periodic certification of the installation
  • Option to expand according to specific needs
  • Traceability of incidents and periodic communication of new legal issues.
  • Services
  • Health
  • Retail

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