Without the commitment and involvement of the employees, it is very difficult for a company to be successful

As the key assets of an organization, it is the people who promote innovation and efficiency in your business. Being aware of the importance of the human team in order to obtein better business results, we at Seidor offer you the solution SuccessFactors by SAP, which is based on the cloud architecture.

This solution is much more than just simple Human Resources management, as it looks to achieve excellence in execution through the alignment between employees and corporate targets, the development of talent and the improvement in productivity in all areas of the business.

With SuccessFactors you will be able to identify the high performance employees, dedicate more time to the priorities in the planning and less to the secondary aspects in the administration of personnel, as well as improve the capacity of your workforce with directed and supervised training.



The SuccessFactors package of solutions by SAP includes capabilities to manage performance based objectives, compensation plans, professional training and development, succession plans, selection processes, 360º assessments and training programmes.

The alliance of Seidor with SuccessFactors, the cloud model and our experience in corporate execution, enables us to offer rapid deployments (including in several countries), continuous updates and the best practices in HR management.


  • Attract and keep the best talents
  • Establish clear objectives, aligned with your human capital
  • Gain the commitment of your employees in response to the trust and security of the company
  • Award bonuses and incentives according to individual performance
  • Provide customised training, adapted to each post.

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