Human Resources and Workforce Management

Beyond the merely administrative functions, personnel management is an aspect which is becoming increasingly more important in corporate strategies.

Finding and keeping the best talent enables you to build a solid and experienced team which will also work in line with your business objectives.

Seidor can help you efficiently manage the human capital using the SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) tool. This solution is designed to successfully manage all the issues relating to one of the most important business assets: the people that form part of the organization.

With SAP HCM we offer an integral solution for the management of human resources which provides unprecedented global functions with which you will have complete visibility of your entire organization to better reorganize the talent whilst reducing human resources management. We will implement this using a highly qualified team comprising expert consultants.


Our products for Human Resources management and performance ranges from customized implementation projects to auditing, improvement and support services, deployment of preconfigured solutions and the highly successful tool SuccessFactors. We facilitate the integration with the existing management systems and personalise the tool according to your needs.


  • Pre-configurations to reduce analysis times and guarantee quality
  • Menus that reduce the management of the user
  • Plans that minimize the testing service

Value Proposition

  • Integrate the management processes of the human capital into your corporate strategy
  • Have information in real time to accelerate decision-making
  • Work with your employees in a collaborative environment
  • Quickly find the most suitable person for each project. 
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