Plant Monitoring and Integration

The disconnection between the activities on the factory floor and the other business processes prevent production managers and line managers from having a single version of the reality with which to make appropriate decisions based on current data. 

Reduced visibility and a lower response capability lessens your competitiveness and will cause you to lose business opportunities.

In order to resolve this problem, we can provide monitoring and integration software that connects the production plant with the ERP. As a result of the performance indicators, you will be able to enter continuous improvements and create Lean Manufacturing systems to be able to compete on the global market. Discover our systems for the integration of the management of production, quality and maintenance in your manufacturing plants.


Our systems seamlessly join the world of the plant with that of ERP: devices, dialogue with operators, external databases, MES, SCADS and LIMS systems, data capture systems, etc. In this manner, you will be able to monitor the central plant and the variables of each work station.


  • Reduction in costs and complexity
  • Greater productivity of plant personnel
  • Greater capacity for analysis and KPIs for continuous improvement of processes and performance levels

Value Proposition

  • Control the Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing process improvement initiatives
  • Work with a single version of the reality and increase transparency
  • Better allocate resources and promptly respond to critical incidents. 


All kind of industrial companies, both discrete and continuous manufacturing.

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