Product Lifecycle Management

From its conception to its final recycling, the processes involved in the development of a product are countless and involve a great number of people from different areas within the company.

In the current competitive market, product launches are increasingly shorter and consumers demand lower costs without any detriment to the quality. Balancing this quick rhythm of development and corporate profitability is not always easy.

The needs of the companies in the PLM area are in part common to all companies and in part, specific to the sector (manufacturing, chemical, foodstuffs).

Seidor specializes in solutions that reduce complexity, from the initial idea to its manufacture and after-sales service. Manage the whole lifecycle of the products from start to end, optimizing all the associated processes and costs.

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We have a variety of solutions to manage the lifecycle of the product.

Solutions of a general nature:

  • The central SAP ERP component comes with the operational functionality to manage the data of the products, lists of materials or recipes, manufacturing processes, costs, as well as the management of modifications and their effectiveness
  • The control of the development costs of the product is also conveniently managed in SAP ERP via project management
  • The management of quality in its different variants is managed through SAP ERP
  • SAP Product & Portfolio Management: Included in SAP PLM, it allows high level management of the projects portfolio (product development, investment) from the status of 'idea' to one of 'project in progress', evaluating the degree of progress, priority, the personnel or economic resources assigned or yet to be assigned
  • SAP cProjects: Collaborative portal to manage the execution of projects via a Phase-Gate methodology (control of compliance with requirements to accept the operation or milestone)


Solutions for the Manufacturing sectors:

  • Integration with CAD systems: Allows the conversion of drawings to SAP ERP in the repository acting as a PLM system seamlessly integrated within the CAD tool. It comes with connectors for the majority of CAD systems on the market
  • Management of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) is included in SAP ERP
  • Product or Project Files Management: The management of files is a simple way of integrating documentary information and SAP objects (materials lists, orders, quotations, projects) as well as reports and transactions of the SAP system into an electronic file in order to have a complete overview of the lifecycle of a machine, product or installation. 


Solutions for the Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Foodstuffs Sectors:

  • SAP EH&S Product Safety: Complete management of the CAS Substances Data with all physical-chemical properties and classifications of a regulatory nature in order to issue the MSDS (safety sheets), transportation sheets and labels
  • SAP EH&S Regulated Content: Database supplied by SAP with constant updates for the regulatory properties of the substances
  • SAP EH&S Dangerous Goods Management: Complete and integrated management of dangerous goods. Control and verify how to store and transport your products in compliance with regulations
  • SAP EH&S Recipe Development: Development of new formulations or new ones based on previous formulations with similar characteristics. Verification of compliance with regulations or specifications. Obtain lists of compositions, nutrients, allergens, etc


  • Clear and precise 360º view of all the processes relating to the lifecycle of the products
  • Coordination and integration of all the departments involved
  • Avoid the duplication of data and increase flexibility when satisfying customer needs
  • Control over all changes, improving the performance of teams and factories
  • Allows you to make use of past lessons learned

Value Proposition

Accelerate development and introduction of new products by involving your partners in the process and even customers

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