The information obtained in Cash makes for easier decision making and provides very relevant information to control and negotiate with banks. Furthermore, the connection with banks allows you to obtain and automatically incorporate information from your bank accounts.

Another important benefit is the attainment of SEPA files.


Cash and connection with Banks carries out the following functions:

  • Daily control of charges and credits of the banks
  • Control of intermediaries (compliance with effective dates, fees, etc.)
  • Forecast report to obtain a short, medium and long term view of available liquidity, making investment and financing decisions easier and preventing idle balances. Through the use of this information it is possible to anticipate liquidity requirements
  • Information on fees, accrued interest, limits and estimated costs for the different types of accounts: current, policy, etc
  • View the financial products (loans, deposits, shares, etc.) and the flows they create in the Cash reports. Possibility to carry out simulations
  • Possibility of recording and accounting the financial products in order to continue with the cycle of the product (for example, interest payments) and carry out a greater control of the amounts that the financial intermediary charges and credits
  • Reconciliation of ledger accounts, obtaining the reconciliation audit reports
  • Creation of a cash budget based on an economic one, moving the amounts according to estimated due dates and increasing them according to the tax rates. Posterior comparison of the Cash budget with the real one
  • Cash scorecards with direct information that is direct, clear and easily understood by any user. Graphic information is displayed of available amounts, both current and future, of the banking business, of the bank-company balance, forecasts and banking conditions, etc. This information can be viewed segmented by company-bank-account or grouped
  • With regards SEPA files, the file structures are supplied according to the new regulations and the mandate form, as well as the modifications to the customer masters (attainment and print-out of the mandate, IBAN) and supplies (IBAN) and on the bank master (IBAN and SWIFT)
  • Attainment, incorporation and automated accounting of the standardized file which contains the information on the electronic account statements. 


  • Greater ease in making cash decisions, greater control and negotiating power with banks as a result of possessing more information
  • Unified record of the financial product with the option for integrated accounting and reporting
  • Save time by automatically having the daily Cash Position without the need to access the websites of each bank.

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