The financial flows of the company to banks and customers generate a large volume of information on a daily basis. In an economic setting such as today's, making the best financial and economic decisions is essential for the success of the business, and it is precisely in that information, on cash, and receivables where we can find the best responses to the needs of the company. 

The financial extensions developed by Seidor are solutions for the control over the status of the cash and the automation of the daily processes with its financial intermediaries (banks) so that accounting decisions are quick and accurate. They also supply all SEPA formats and their procedures.

As for the management of receivables, the delays on the payments will always be controlled, given that the tool developed by Seidor allows you to view customer items and filter them by order of importance according to invoice amount or days overdue.  In addition, you can access the payment history of your customers and open files to resolve your doubts regarding overdue invoices.

Description and benefits

The Connection with banks and cash extension automates all the information with financial intermediaries and allows an automated accounting of the standardized files. By using this tool, you will be able to create reports ranging from cash forecasts to cash budgets as well as account reconciliation.

The Receivables management extension resolves the management of receivables of outstanding items from customers and has the option to create automatic prioritizations and a history of actions, in addition to many other options. 


  • Retrieval, incorporation and automated accounting of files
  • Register of financial products (loans, deposits, shares, etc)
  • Viewing of financial reports
  • Forecast report.

Value Proposition

  • Daily control of charges, credits, accrued fees and costs limits
  • Create cash budgets according to estimated due dates and tax rates
  • Work with cash scorecards that are clear, to the point and easy to understand by any user
  • Accelerate the receipt of outstanding items.
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