Human Capital Consulting is a SuccessFactors Sales and Strategic Partner, leading provider of cloud software for business execution.

We are the Partner with the highest amount of SuccessFactors certified consultants in the region, which allow us to rely on a great delivery to implement in time, shape and based on industry best practices.  At seidor, We have a highly qualified professional team to train our customers in the use and potentiality of all services offered by SuccessFactors.

Shorten the distance between strategy and execution so as to ensure that all employees are performing adequate tasks at the precise moment.

Learn about Human Resources best practices from Human Capital Consulting and SuccessFactors.

The SuccessFactors Business Execution Suite includes: SuccessFactors. Would you like to learn more about SuccessFactors and how we can help you execute your business strategy and achieve expected results or even surpass them? 

Also, you can go to our specialized HCM page from our HCC division:

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