Really getting to know your customers and offering them a personalized service is essential to stand out from the competition. Sales opportunities and contact with customers today can happen at any time and in any place. Sales teams must therefore work together and be in permanent contact to arrange meetings and interviews, share ideas and market analyses and be the driving force behind the profitability of the company. Business today never stops.

Following this philosophy, SAP Cloud for Customer is the on demand solution that allows you to manage relationships with customers (CRM) and is adapted to the current rhythms of the sales and marketing force: easy to use, integrated with all back office operations and with full social capacities.

Cloud for Customer Overview

SAP Cloud for Customer is a set of SAP solutions which includes: 

  • SAP Cloud for Sales, an application that offers the salespersons all the information they need wherever they may be to close sales and improve the satisfaction of the customers
  • SAP Cloud for Service allows you to manage customer service with multiple service channels, providing agents with complete and contextual information to provide a good service to customers
  • SAP Cloud for Social Engagement, to integrate the applications with the social networks and to be able to connect with customers
  • SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase, to make the most of the knowledge generated on the social networks, connect with the audience and reinforce the brand image.

What are the Benefits of Cloud For Customer?

SAP Cloud for Customer will allow you to: 

  • Really get to know your customers
  • Encourage the collaboration of your sales team and social network
  • Obtain the best information to take advantage of business opportunities
  • Dedicate more time to sales and less to administrative tasks
  • Take advantage of the integration with Microsoft Outlook and the ERP to get the most out of your resources
  • Enjoy full mobility with the access from iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry
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