360°view on the business with actionable business intelligence

SAP Business ByDesign delivers the following:


Higher value and better cost control 

SAP Business ByDesign offers companies a single business management solution that supports end-to-end business processes as needed. Companies can avoid investing in multiple solutions that require a future investment to integrate. TheSAP on-demand solution decreases the overall costs associated with infrastructure, equipment, and management resources. Companies control usage and costs according to their needs. 


Immediacy plus scalability

Depending on the scope of an SAP Business ByDesign implementation, companies can have business processes up-and-running and see results in as little as six weeks. Firms can choose whether to use the whole solution or deploy it selectively. If companies decide to implement only certain business processes, they can concurrently build a blueprint for future growth. 


Large-scale business solution without large IT infrastructure

SAP delivers SAP Business ByDesign on-demand. Instead of companies having to upgrade, manage, or maintain the solution themselves, SAP experts carry out these tasks at hosted data centers worldwide. Because SAP Business ByDesign is a single solution that supports core processes across the business via a single user interface, companies can now leave behind non-integrated and hard-to-maintain stand-alone solutions.


More than 30 years of SAP experience built in

For more than 30 years, SAP has provided solutions that integrate core business processes for the largest, most complex enterprises. SAP has built its experience into the SAP Business ByDesign on-demand solution, which, as a result, supports best practices across numerous industries. Small and mid-size companies, with their own unique needs, can now benefit from the ability to cut costs, improve profits, and enable flexible growth.

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