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SAP Business ByDesign meets your needs now and in the future.

Who is the SAP Business ByDesign target audience? A previously untapped segment of the midmarket - Prospects who have traditionally not purchased integrated business applications. SAP Business ByDesign is targeted at midsize companies with the following: 


100-500 employees


Need for an integrated solution that improves processes across their organization


Limited IT staff with a preference for on-demand business solutions 

Qualitative customer traits 

These criteria apply for both Professional Services and Manufacturing prospects:

  • Familiarity and comfort with SAP, want to be in the SAP ecosystem.
  • Have a visionary CEO who sees SAP as a benefit to their business model.
  • Disposition to becoming early adopter.
  • Growth mode and change mindset.
  • Start-up spin-off of an existing larger organization.
  • Disparate or outsourced system landscape.
  • Heavy reliance on manual processes.
  • Have experience of and/or no major objections to a SaaS solution.
  • Customer willing to work with SAP to develop new functionality.
  • Accept standard software with no modifications/customizations.
  • Willing to follow a phased approach.
  • Ideal prospect size is 25-150 users.
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