Give your warehouse and manufacturing operations a competitive advantage through Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud for SAP Business ByDesign

Improve Efficiency within your Warehouse and Production department 

Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud for SAP Business ByDesign is compatible with Android® and Zebra® Mobile Computers. 

Solution for warehouse and manufacturing plant

Increasing warehouse and manufacturing productivity is a top priority for executives. What if you have a solution that enables you to manage your warehouse and manufacturing operations more efficient by having real time visibility? Explore Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud based on SAP Business ByDesign functionality and best practices. 

Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud provides simplification for inventory management and production floor visibility allowing you to minimize data entry errors, get barcoding, reduce operational costs, increase manufacturing productivity and logistic efficiency, among many others.

The application enables agile, real-time management and is compatible with Android®, the most popular mobile device operating system, as well as, Zebra® Mobile Computers. 

Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud is multi language and has offline capabilities that allow the users to operate even without internet connection.

Complementing our WMS solution, we also distribute the Zebra device it runs on. Find out the right technology for your business and feel free to connect with our team in case you have any specific requirement. 

2 New functionalities are available 

Explore new functionalities - Simplify Processes - Increase productivity and keep reading to find out more around

Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud for SAP Business ByDesign. 

Physical Inventory Count Tasks

  • Processing of the two type of tasks: Product count and LoA count
  • Scanning Content and GTIN barcode labels supported
  • Functionality to save draft counts without synchronizing back to SAP for long time count tasks scenarios
  • Add/Remove row functions to report “not expected” products as part of a count

Production Taks Processing 

  • Processing Supply to Production and Make tasks types
  • Start Feasibility/Sequence indicators
  • Output products and output quantities reporting
  • New identified stock for output products

Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud for SAP ByD also covers: 

Inbound Processing

  • Creation of identified stock for supplier deliveries inbound tasks
  • Creation of serial numbers for supplier deliveries inbound tasks (according to SAP ByD serial number profiles)
  • Split quantities functionality. To put away or receive either more than one identified stock or in more than one LoA

Outbound Processing

  • Creation of serial numbers (registered products) for serial number profile “Mandatory on Customers” for pick tasks
  • Identified stock input field for pick tasks
  • Split quantities functionality. To process outbound tasks with either more than one identified stock or in more than one LoA

Ad-hoc Operations

  • Change of stock new UI. Whole new user interface that allows the user to look for stock availability on a warehouse and perform multiple changes of stock on a single confirmation
  • Scanning functionality on Goods Movement

Internal Movements Processing

  • Scanning functionality on replenishment and removal tasks

Seidor's expert team just revealed the upcoming releases for October 2018.  

What's coming next?

WMS for SAP Business ByDesign
  • Scanning Functionality Improvement on Inbound, Outbound, Internal Movements and Physical Inventory Tasks to be able to read not SAP ByD Generated Product Labels
  • Scanning Functionality Improvement in Physical Inventory Count Tasks (to read either GTIN or Content Labels
  • Input Products confirmations functionality on Production (input manual quantity, split quantities, input manual identified stock, input additional product)
  • Activities and Services confirmations functionality (input manual activity durations and add resources)
  • Leading Zeros rule to read std SAP ByD barcode labels with odd barcode characters length
  • Stock Overview availability on Production Tasks (only when online)
  • Validation number of ranges for identified stock types
  • Serial Number Profile – All Logistics Processes implementation for all inbound, outbound, internal, ad-hoc, production and PI count tasks
  • Warehouse Storage Restriction Rules (If there are product or storage groups restrictions on SAP ByD warehouses, reflect the same on the app operations e.g. prevent put away products on some areas)
  • “Only reading” feature when a Physical Inventory count task is confirmed partially
  • Stock Overview availability on Pick Tasks (only when online)
  • Pop up window that shows line item details on the physical inventory line items for the user to see the full details of a line item and not just re-arranging the columns


Future Releases

Want to know more about Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud and its upcoming releases? Then you are at right place.

  • Product Specifications in production tasks confirmations
  • “Confirmed as Planned” in production tasks confirmations
  • Quality Control steps in production tasks
  • Enhancements on translations for available languages (DE, ZH, ES), master data and user interface menus
  • Stock Overview availability on change of stock (only when online)
  • Always Online Feature. Setting to allow the system to automatically send tasks confirmations back to SAP ByD if the internet connection is available. Error messages would be captured at the moment of the confirmations


WMS for SAP Business ByDesign

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