SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud provides access to the service 24 hours a day,

365 days a year from any place and at any time

It operates in accordance with the law on the confidentiality of information (Data Protection Act - LOPD in Spanish) and includes a dedicated support service made up of highly qualified technicians, with no additional cost and with the possibility of renting hard disk space.

SAP Business One Cloud is a management model exclusively designed for the small- and medium-sized enterprise so that all its servers and systems may be hosted in the cloud. The objective of this solution is to offer the SME the possibility to minimize the hardware and investment costs involved in the implementation of new software, thereby enjoying the benefits of SAP Business One, always guaranteeing maximum security, and with the freedom to access from any device, from any place, 365 days a year - 24 hours a day.

This is a solution that is simple, yet has great power, it is ideal for companies from any sector of the market, as its capacity for adaptation is infinite. In addition to this there is the possibility of hosting in the cloud, providing another benefit to those of the tool itself. Furthermore, it stands out for being an affordable solution to achieve quick profitability. It is easy to learn, use and administrate; and it's flexible for expanding the configuration as the business grows. It is available in 27 languages and in more than 80 countries.


With SAP Business Cloud, companies can stop worrying about:

  • Making back-up copies
  • Having a system administrator
  • Obtaining frequent updates
  • Adapting the solution to future needs

Value Proposition

At Seidor we have our own Data Center for cloud services in the Cantabria Technological Park -within the area of systems and technology integration- which responds to the demand of many companies who are looking for the support of a trusted ally for the administration of all their computing and the management of the knowledge in their organizations.

Rather than work with different suppliers, clients contract an excellent quality service to which they delegate the management of all these components. The data center provides each company with support personnel 24x7, with secure access and a cluster based system of redundant firewalls. Among the other services offered are: made to measure projects, online CRM, work post management, unified communications services, web hosting, email archiving, Exchange email and SAP Business One hosting.

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