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Companies today move in a connected, mobile and changing world in which collaboration, agility and flexibility are the central principles of modern business strategies.

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The cloud fits in perfectly with this new model, as it provides great simplicity to business processes, allows for a quick response to changes and favours the connectivity and collaboration inside and out of the company.

Therefore, it is fundamental to detecting trends, as well as accessing and managing the ever increasing volumes of data. This makes the most of the mobility of the employees and establishes new forms of collaboration with partners and suppliers. In order to do this, at Seidor we have a complete range of cloud-based solutions developed by SAP, which already has millions of users and the highest number of cloud implementations in the world.

SAP Cloud solutions are immediately applicable to your business: from aiding your sales team when travelling to facilitating selection processes in collaboration with contracting companies or improving the supply and control of costs in order to increase customer satisfaction. They cover everything from mobility to collaboration,  in-memory databases and the next generation development platforms. SAP Cloud solutions eliminate large investments in infrastructure and are continually updated.


SAP cloud solutions are ready to use tools that provide your company with flexibility and control at a low cost. They are designed to directly and openly encourage social collaboration to connect business partners, customers, employees and suppliers.

Discover a new level of business performance with:

  • SuccessFactors, a cloud solution that helps improve the automation of your Human Resources processes in order to homogenize, optimize and accelerate employee productivity, as well as to improve the management and retention of talent.
  • SAP Business ByDesign, an integrated management suite in the cloud especially for SMEs and the subsidiaries of large companies that need to centralize their processes in relation to sales, HR, purchasing, finance, projects, customer service and the supply chain (production and quality).
  • SAP Cloud for Customer, a complete tool to improve the collaboration of the marketing, services and sales force, which permits the management and analysis of the processes with updated information on customers, competitors and business opportunities. Allows you to optimize the effectiveness of the sales and adapt to the new purchasing habits of the customers. One of its main attractions is that it can be run on mobile devices.
  • Cloud for Travel:  is a cloud based solution that permits the management of business travel with an accurate control of all the steps.


  • It allows you to save costs and pay solely per use
  • It guarantees the maximum security of your data
  • It releases you from administration and allows you to focus on your business
  • It allows you to take advantage of the latest technological developments and updates of versions
  • It lets you gain flexibility and improve your response capability
  • It provides you with the capability to extend the solution according to your needs and without undertaking large investments.
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