FieldOffice Suite

Manage projects effortlessly and to their highest profitability

FieldOfficeSuite is an integrated set of mobile tools designed to power performance for field-oriented businesses such as, construction, energy, commercial cleaning, security and more, across employees, work orders, jobs, and sites.


Intuituve. No special harward. Flexible integration with HQ.

Let employees work the way you want them to, using their own smart devices. FieldOfficeSuite provides mobile apps that are intuitive, require no or little data input, and can be used offline on job sites.


Biometric authentication. Geo-tagging and fecing. Coordinated Universal Time. 

FieldOfficeSuite’s biometrics and location awareness are 100% accurate -- confirming the right employees are at the right locations at the right times. Increase job security and employee accountability.


Cloud based. No connectivity required. Multi languages. 

Know with total certainty where your employees are and when they are working. Use FieldOfficeSuite to review employees hours in real-time, making any changes needed to boost productivity.

Increase remote workforce productivity and overall profitability 

Some examples of industries FieldOffice attends are:

  • Civil Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • General Contracting
  • Maintenance and Repair

Need help? 


Grow your margins

Mobile, visual, and automated, FieldOffice provides tools like, time and attendance, document capture, and production reporting.

FieldOffice Suite is Simple, Secure and Smart

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