Cloud Factory for SAP Business ByDesign


Seidor announced the expansion of its footprint in the SMB market segment

by building a remote implementation factory for the SAP Business ByDesign solution

The trusted by growing businesses around the world.


The benefits of the onsite consultants at the price of remotes  

The factory implementation is a prepacked, standard functionality implementation model

designed to simplify the projects and minimize risks.  

The project is expected to be executed mainly remotely by our implementation factory,

but with the local consultant travelling to the customer office to attend the most important inside activities such as:

Kickoff, Testing and Go Live.


This consultant is expected to be the single point of contact with the customer. 


Do you want to know more about this strategy?

The Cloud Implementation Factory

is based on three key pillars



Delivery in 90 days or less

sap-business-bydesign-cloud-factory-repeatable-and affordable


and affordable



Complemented by Seidor's industry and horizontal solutions


Our Factory Packages 

Small machine manufacturers with medium volume of SKUs. Food manufacturers, tobacco manufacturers, metal-mechanical manufacturing, tool manufacturing and Agroindustrial Processors.

Oriented to IT implementation companies, marketing companies project based, engineering company project based, in general professional services project based.

Oriented to Subcontractors who run projects for their customers and have some products they manufacture or shops where they prepare materials to later install in the projects.

MRO companies, subcontractors to energy, construction, oil and gas and utility companies, HVAC companies and others.

Retail Companies with several small Point of sales which represents other brands or have bought franchises.

Low complex professional services: Research, Management, Engineering, accounting companies, Staffing agencies, legal services firms (without cases admin), CPA Firms, among other. 

Oriented to distribution companies that buy and sell products. General products: hand tools, safety equipment, non-expirable products, etc. Products with lots/batch needs with expiration date and shelf life need: food, chemical products, etc and products with need of serial number like machinery, medical devices, etc. 

Companies who wants better management accounting functionality and need to start small and later implement additional functionality.

Seidor in the Market

SAP Partner

35 years providing cutting edge business solutions and +20 years of experience implementing SAP on 5 continents.

SAP Partner

TOP worldwide partner for Two Tier subsidiaries SAP Business ByDesign implementations, as well as, add-ons and Country localizations developers 

SAP Partner

Founding partner of United VARs (SAP Platinum Partner), with coverage in +80 countries. 

SAP Partner

SAP Pinnacle Award winner 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

Seidor expands its leadership in the SMB market 

by building a remote implementation factory for 

SAP® Business ByDesign

“The cloud implementation factory is designed to be rapid (delivery in 90 days or less),

repeatable, affordable and complemented by Seidor’s differentiated industry and horizontal solutions.

It has sufficient capacity and capabilities to deliver 90% of the project at scale remotely

across the globe,” Tomas Fertig, CEO & President of Seidor USA. 

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