Hosting services are information technology systems and functions that allow businesses to run their daily administrative tasks and corporate services through an outsourced service provider. The provider manages the infrastructure, software and administrative tasks of the service and takes care of any server issues that may occur.

Hosting services are available through three different infrastructure models that encompass up software and network capacity.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Platform as a service (PaaS)

And software as a service (SaaS)

The three different hosting elements allow businesses to support their daily operations, store data, hardware, servers, as well as various networking components.

The hosted services are very similar to cloud-based services, however hosted services may be provided to clients on a sole-dedicated model or shared-service model. In a dedicated hosting environment a business is reserved its own personal servers and infrastructure capacity to be used by them alone. On the other hand, shared hosting services pools multiple clients together on their servers while charging them on a per-usage basis.

Benefits of Hosting Services

Cost Efficiency and Scalability: Hosted services allow customers to only pay for what their business needs, whether that is a private or shared IT infrastructure. This allows businesses allocate money to core business services and products, rather than spending it on upgrading and maintaining expensive computer servers.

Increased Security and Access: In a world where security threats are everywhere, hosting services provide businesses with a sense of peace knowing that their data is safe from both physical and online threats. With hosting security the latest technology, services, and best practice methods are implemented to ensure that customer data is kept secure.

Disaster Recovery: Protecting company data against potential external and internal disasters is imperative in today’s world. Hosting servers provide storage and backup services that allow businesses to access, replicate, and backup important company data in real-time.

Server and Infrastructure Management: Maintaining, upgrading, and monitoring an infrastructure requires valuable time and resources for a business. Hosted services allow customers to focus internal resources on more important projects, and services leaving the ongoing management to the outsourced provider.

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