What is included in ManageClean on SAP Business One?

ERP Software for Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services Businesses

ManageClean software bundles the functionality of SAP® Business One along with specialized features built specifically for commercial cleaning and janitorial service companies.

With the power of SAP Business One, the solution incorporates best-in-class business management functionality across accounting and finance, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations, supplies and distribution, reporting and administration.

What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One
What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One- accounting and financials

Accounting and Financials

What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One- Inventory Management

Inventory Management

What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One- Purchasing and Sales CRM

Purchasing and Sales CRM

What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One- Customer and Vendor contracts

Customer and Vendor Contracts

What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One- Quotes and estimates

Quotes and Estimates

Specifically for commercial cleaning, ManageClean adds functionality to improve cleaning contract management and recurring billing cycles, streamlines subcontractor invoicing procedures, and provides visibility into your profitability. 

ManageClean on SAP Business One Areas of Expertise

  • Setup and run recurring billing for monthly cleaning cycles
  • Capture changes to commercial cleaning customer requirements
  • Capture and bill special services
  • Track work performed by subcontracted cleaning vendors or internal resources
  • Manage the cost of cleaning supplies to customers; prepaid or chargeback
  • Generate complete invoices for customers including recurring and special charges and supplies
  • Automatically generate subcontractor or vendor invoices from customer billings


For a complete solution, integrate ManageClean to workorder solutions or cleaning supplies vendors to maximize automation.  

Keep Up with Trends in ERP Software for Commercial Cleaning

While SAP is continually upgrading and developing enhancements to SAP Business One as defined in their software roadmap, Seidor will be upgrading and enhancing ManageClean.  In the not too distant future, you will be able to access ManageClean through a mobile app to see service history on customers and create workorder tickets in the field.  Future roadmaps will include inspection capabilities as well as timekeeping functionality.

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