Strategy Consulting and Analytics

In times of uncertainty, organizations are more than ever demanding proper planning of their business strategies which provide a feeling of trust and security to their operations. In addition, we presently find ourselves at a time of market saturation, where competition is relentless and the possibilities of differentiation are increasingly complicated. For this reason, companies must make a greater effort in identifying challenges and strategic objectives that allow them to distinguish themselves from other competitors.

We help our clients make their strategies a reality, by building more cohesive and efficient organizations, thereby contributing to an increase in their competitive capacity against companies in their business area.

We have experience in the preparation of strategic plans for organizations in different sectors, as well as in assessing the large, medium and small companies of the business sector.


For the group and its managers:
  • Immediate access to the status of the implementation of the strategy in each business line
  • Detect inconsistencies and errors in the general or specific strategy of a business line
  • Create a common strategic language for the whole group that enables mutual and efficient understanding
  • Increase the sense of belonging to a team and involvement in common objectives
  • Enable the mobility of managers
  • Reduce dependency on specific managers.

For business units and geographic agencies dependant on the group:

  • Understand the strategy of the group and how to develop a local strategy in line with the global one
  • Reduce the approval period for local initiatives
  • Increase the degree of independence agreed with the group
  • Increase the use of resources and experience of the group
  • Increase internal efficiency at a local level.


  • Strategic planning process at a group level
  • Breakdown process of the strategic planning by unit
  • Project Management Process
  • Management control process
  • Market strategy
  • Client segmentation
  • Price strategy
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Definition of the product margin strategy.
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