Organizational Consulting

We understand that the management of human resources is the key for the competitiveness of the companies. We find ourselves in a professional environment in which people are the organization's main asset and they form an important differential element in the development and execution of the company's strategies.

We have demonstrable experience in the optimization of processes, a key element in organizations, in which we adapt the roles and responsibilities of the personnel to the needs of the company.

We are specialists in the deployment of actions for the management of change and knowledge, guaranteeing an optimum transfer to the new scenarios, along with the necessary training to do so.


  • A correct organizational adaptation in line with your business and the real needs of your company
  • Restructuring according to the demands of the organization
  • Improvement in the corporate environment, improving vertical and horizontal communication
  • Increase in employee productivity, in which the organization focuses not on control, but rather on the suitability of the profiles and the needs of the employees
  • Development of HR strategies.


In this line we offer the following solutions:
  • Organizational adaptation
  • Change management
  • Knowledge management
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Executive and group coaching
  • Evaluation of work stations
  • Workforce analysis
  • Management of the change
  • Management of the internal communication
  • Management of external communication. 
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