Our approach

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In 2012, we reached a milestone: three decades integrating technology. Always with the same goal: to offer the best solution to each and every one of our clients in order to help them run their business in a more efficient and productive manner. 

The acquisition of leading companies in emerging markets such as Latin America, united with our presence in several European countries, has made Seidor a global company.

Our strategic alliance with the leading and most important international technology developers and manufacturers such as SAP,IBM, Microsoft and Adobe, just to name a few, is the best guarantee that we are in the position to offer the solution that best suits each client’s specific needs. 

Moreover, we purposefully invest in and bet on all the areas that mark the latest technology trends in order to be able to offer our clients solutions they demand: cloud computing services, business intelligence, mobility, document management, etc.      

Of course, we do this without relinquishing our commitment to offering our experience and knowledge in business management software or technology infrastructure, where Seidor is the leader in the small and medium-size enterprise segment and a benchmark in the market thanks to its specific sector solutions.

With our broad portfolio of high value-added solutions, we are a benchmark in the market for large corporations and the government. 

However, throughout these three decades of experience there is something that has remained unchanged: the firm belief that our company values knowledge, experience, trust and closeness mark and distinguish Seidor from its competitors.    
Without question, from past to present Seidor remains the best option when it comes to choosing a trustworthy technology partner.


Our values

If anything has distinguished Seidor over time, it is the firm belief that our corporate values make the difference compared to that of our competitors. 

Experience, Knowledge, Trust and Closeness have been, are and will be the hallmarks of our company. 


  • Experience obtained over three decades by providing the best technological solutions to our customers
  • Trust given by each of our 5,000 customers
  • Knowledge gained in our efforts to offer each of our customers the solution that best fits their needs, requeriments and budgets
  • Closeness is always achieved working alongside our clients
In short, today the same as in the past: Seidor is the best choice when it comes to choosing a reliable technology partner.