WMS | Managing Serialized Equipment in the warehouse

Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud, based on the best practices mobile standard SAP Business ByDesign functionality, provides simplification for inventory management allowing you to minimize data entry errors, get barcoding, reduce warehouse operational costs, increase personnel productivity and logistic efficiency, among many others.  

The application enables agile, real-time management and is compatible with Android®, the most popular mobile device operating system, as well as, Zebra® Mobile Computers. 

Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud is multi languages, and has offline capabilities that allow the users to operate even without internet connection.

In today's demo, we show how to manage serial numbers using Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud for SAP Business ByDesign



Seidor is a TOP worldwide partner for Two Tier subsidiaries SAP Business ByDesign implementations,

as well as, add-ons and Country localizations developers.


We sell, install, implement, train and support our customers

for SAP Business ByDesign from our offices in Houston, Detroit, New Jersey, Miami and California.

If you want to explorer Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud

for SAP Business ByDesign, please

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