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With more and more software research being conducted online, Seidor is frequently asked how much does SAP Business One cost?  It helps to discuss your business situation first, but for list pricing here are the costs:


SAP Business One Cost  - Purchase as a 1 Time Cost

SAP Business One user licenses are either Professional or Limited types, and each license must belong a named user.  In this model, you buy your licenses ONCE – then you own them.

List price on a Professional license is $3213 each.  A Limited license is $1666 each.

Annual maintenance for bug fixes, upgrades, and patch releases to the software is covered through annual maintenance, a percentage of the total spent on license.


SAP Business One Subscription Cost – Purchase through a Subscription

SAP Business One can also be purchased through a subscription.  Annual maintenance is included in the subscription price.  Again, each license must belong to a named user.  You can choose:

Subscription license for a Professional user for $94 per user / per month each

Subscription license for a Limited user $54 per user / per month each

Subscriptions are prepaid annually for a one year commitment.  Most subscription licenses are purchased in conjunction with cloud hosting, which is an additional charge.


SAP Business One Starter Package - For 1 to 5 users only

SAP Business One Starter Package includes accounting, sales orders, item management and purchasing but not service or manufacturing.  It is designed for start-ups and small businesses.

SAP Business One starter package licenses are $1357 per user as a 1 time cost

SAP Business One starter package subscription licenses are $39 per user/per month.   Subscriptions are prepaid annually for a one year commitment.


SAP Business One Deployment

Install SAP Business One on your server, or through one of our cloud hosting providers.  Unlike SaaS only applications, we offer flexible deployment options.  If you’d like, you can move between on premise or cloud deployments.


SAP Business One Implementation/Installation Cost

Getting your SAP Business One software installed and configured, your data migrated, and your employees trained are included in our implementation services.  We take a full business process approach to projects, we don’t just install software.  We want your business to run better as a result.

Unlike other applications, SAP Business One is not a disk that you plug into your computer in order to run.  It requires set-up, and to be done correctly it should be done by a certified SAP consultant.  Seidor USA offers SAP Business One implementation, re-implementation, training and support services through our implementation and support agreements.


Other Costs – SAP Business One Add-Ons

SAP Business One covers 80-90% of what all businesses need in a software, including accounting, sales, CRM, purchasing, item management, production, projects, fixed assets, and service.  Add-on products are developed by third party companies to expand the breadth and depth of the solution.  There are over 400 add-ons for SAP Business One, including payroll, advanced manufacturing, bar coding, shipping integration, credit card integration and much more.  These add-ons are priced separately.


Finance your SAP Business One solution

Finance the cost of licenses, hardware and implementation into a monthly payment through one of our leasing partners.


Contact Seidor for SAP Business One Pricing

With so many options, it helps to discuss your business scenario before providing a price.  Our trained staff can qualify the SAP Business One solution, and help ensure all your requirements are met.  Can we help you further price SAP Business One for your business?

For SAP Business One in the United States, complete our request form.


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