SAP and Square Partner to Provide Integration with SAP Business One


SAP and Square have partnered to provide an integration to SAP Business One.  

This integration was developed to create a flow of data between the point of sale systems of Square, and the backoffice business software of SAP Business One.

SAP Business One is an accounting and operational business software solution designed for small and midsize businesses.  Square provides hardware and software for point-of-sale and financial services.

Overview of Square and SAP Business One

More than just a little white square thing that you plug into a cell phone, Square offers solutions for point of sale and retail businesses to streamline order processing and payments.  Built for businesses in the point of sale and retail industries, they fit in coffee shops, bakeries, retail stores, apparel stores, health and fitness facilities, professional services and other organizations.  Square solutions provide a way to speed up customer interactions for your sales people, eliminate the need for weeks of training for new employees, and streamline customer order processing and payments.  SAP Business One provides the business backbone for accounting, purchasing, inventory and more. 

Streamlining Customer Point of Sale Transactions

Using Square for customer-facing interactions is as easy as pulling up the application on an iPad, bringing up the customer, adding the service or items to an invoice, tapping charge to collect payment and then issuing a receipt.  Square can also process refunds, and work with coupons or gift cards.  Use Square in either an online or offline mode.

Working Hand-in-hand with SAP Business One

Square works with both the SQL and HANA versions of SAP Business One.  In SAP Business One, customer information is a 2-way sync so both systems have accurate information.  Items in SAP inventory and price list show up in Square in order to be selected for customer transactions, and inventory quantities are depleted upon making a sale.  Because Square uses their own PCI-compliant credit card processing gateway, customer credit card numbers are not pushed into SAP.  Payments are attached to an A/R invoice in SAP.

Who Could Use SAP Business One and Square?

  • Growing small or midsize retail or service business
  • Need to improve the speed of customer transactions
  • Want to process customer transactions on the floor, or on the go - not just at your counter
  • Want a safe and secure method of processing credit card payments
  • Have traditional retail needs such as cash drawer, coupons, gift cards
  • Want a basic business solution to manage accounting, purchasing, inventory and customers


For more information about SAP Business One and Square, contact Seidor.


Seidor is the global #1 SAP Platinum Partner of SAP Business One.  We sell, install, implement, train and support

our customers for this software solution from our offices in Houston, Detroit, New Jersey, Miami and California. 

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