Planning For New ERP In 2018

Review our 5 Best Tips for Planning for new ERP in 2018:  Develop a short outline of requirements and users, evaluate your existing hardware infrastructure, do online research for ERP solutions, gather management support, and schedule a discovery call to discuss your requirements.


Understand your current requirements and business processes

Do you have multiple point solutions in place today?  For example, if your accounting department runs on QuickBooks, your sales department is using SalesForce, and your operations is using spreadsheets you’re most likely looking for an integrated business software to manage your processes.  Develop a list of your departments and solutions, along with the number of users on each.  Document the high level business process that takes place from quote to invoice in your company so you can easily explain how your company operates and give your top 3 priorities for a new software.

Evaluate your existing IT hardware

Are you currently running your existing business software on outdated servers with old operating systems? Do you have a strong business case for keeping your software solutions on premise?  Maybe you’re considering moving to cloud ERP software in 2018 and want to understand how that works.  You’ll want to understand your ERP system deployment business preference and options – or make sure the software you’re evaluating can offer both on premise and cloud deployment.

Evaluate ERP software solutions

There are many online resources for finding ERP solutions.  If you’re a small/midsize manufacturer, distributor or service company you should include SAP on your short list.   When you evaluate software, consider:  Is it developed by a company that specializes in ERP software?  Do you prefer on premise or cloud deployment?  Would your rather pay for the software through either a subscription model, or through a one time capital purchase?  Gather a budgetary estimate including user licenses, annual maintenance, cloud hosting and implementation services from the vendors you select.

Gather management approval for a new ERP purchase

Without budget approval from the top management and financial management at your company, an ERP project won’t get off the ground.  Typically, management can suggest a recommended budget range and the best time of year to evaluate, select and implement new ERP software for the company.  They are also the best people to participate in the selection committee as you begin ERP software demos

Schedule a discovery call

When you’re ready to talk to us about SAP solutions contact us to schedule a discovery call.  During the discovery call we learn your requirements, listen to your business process, and provide information about SAP software and your options.  Then we can plan a demo to show you how SAP can meet your business needs with a solid foundation for future business growth.

Summary – Build A Plan For New ERP in 2018 with our 5 East Steps

Today’s ERP software includes robust functionality for manufacturers, distributors and service companies.  You don’t need to spend the next 6 months developing a detailed RFQ document.  With these 5 easy steps you can quickly get on plan for new ERP software in 2018.  Again, you develop a short outline of requirements and users, evaluate your existing hardware infrastructure, do online research for ERP solutions, gather management support, and schedule a discovery call.  Make 2018 your year for new ERP.

Seidor is an SAP Platinum Partner of SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign.  We sell, install, implement, train and support

our customers for these software solutions from our offices in Houston, Detroit, New Jersey, Miami and California. 

If you would like to explore SAP

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